Striders! And they’re in the Minecraft Nether! The new Strider Mob.

Striders! And they’re in the Minecraft Nether! The new Strider Mob.

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Striders! What more do I need to say. The Strider is a new peaceful mob that you can put a saddle on and ride across lava in the Minecraft Nether! Where to find a Strider, how to put and use a saddle on them. How to breed Striders. What you need to attract a Strider and how to lead them around when you ride one.

00:00 Minecraft Nether Striders Intro
00:28 Where to find a Strider
00:36 The Strider is attracted to Warped Fungus
00:50 Where to find Warped Fungus
01:16 Strider spawned with a baby Strider riding it
01:47 A cold Strider who is not on Lava
02:21 Using Warped Fungus to attract a Strider
02:41 How to ride a Strider
02:54 Crafting Recipe for Warped Fungus on a Stick
03:18 How to get on a Strider
03:28 Strider will not move unless you are holding the Warped Fungus on a Stick
03:35 Leading the Strider with a Warped Fungus on a Stick
03:42 Spawning Striders
04:09 Dismounting from a Strider
04:24 Flying Strider glitch
04:44 Baby Strider with the 2 Adult Striders
05:11 A Strider will drop string it killed
05:26 A Strider can spawn with a Zombified Pigman riding it
05:48 Minecraft Nether Strider Review
06:12 Like, Share, Subscribe

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