Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial

Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial

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In this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn to create Digital Painting masterpiece using Mixer brush and Adjustment Gradient Map.

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So this video tutorial you will learn to create a photo to digital painting effect using mixer brush. mixer brush is painting tool. please sure to adjust the shape of the simple soft brush to egg shape. apply these setting to brush
Wet 25, Load 30, Mix 25, Flow 66 now apply on the face. Do the same work on cloud background. Now use Environmental eraser brush to remove the bottom portion of the portrait. It will mix automatically in the background. Now tricky part is here take new adjustment layer Gradient map having color value from left to right is Black 000000, Dark Grey 290808, Red 961500, Orange de4400, Yellow ffaa23. Place the gradient map accordingly on the top of every layer. now take 2 more photoshop layers then place underneath gradient map. Fill one layer with black color and set its blending mode to screen. Now using photoshop Clipping mask clip the adjustment gradient map layer and empty layer to black layer. Take a soft round brush and apply on the empty layer. Now you will able to get Digital Painting effect. Try to keep in mind that produce the light effect from top left corner.

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