How to Add a Drop Shadow in Inkscape (Beginners Tutorial)

In this Inkscape tutorial, I show you how to add a drop shadow to text and objects using a built-in drop shadow filter. I also show you how versatile this tool can be by adding multiple drop shadow effects to a single object, plus non-destructively editing text and the drop shadow filter after applying the effect. This is a great way to enhance your vector graphics or designs!

Inkscape is a free scalable vector graphics editor most similar to Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Design.

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Add Drop Shadow Filter to Object
0:32 – Blur Radius Slider
1:05 – Horizontal Offset Slider
1:43 – Vertical Offset Slider
2:04 – Blur Color Tab (Change the Drop Shadow Color)
3:49 – Apply the Drop Shadow Effect
4:13 – Add a Second Drop Shadow
4:44 – Add a Drop Shadow to Text
5:19 – Shadow Types
6:03 – Drop Shadow Non-Destructive Editing (Filter Editor)
8:18 – Remove or Delete Drop Shadow Effect
8:32 – Final Thoughts

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