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Adobe Design Summit: Farai Madzima on Bias in Multicultural Teams

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Farai Madzima, UX Lead at Shopify, discusses cultural bias. He delves into what it is and explores why people from certain parts of the world are more likely to have certain biases – making the point that diverse perspectives come with whole people who have whole cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Adobe Design Summit is Adobe’s internal design conference, which brings together creatives from across the company. This talk was given as a keynote presentation during the 2018 Design Summit.

Catch up with Farai:
@farai_uxguy |
@letspixelup |
@sourceup |

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HDR Topaz integrated effect with Gimp 2.10.6

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Photo by Adam Fossier on Unsplash
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Dokumentationen : Die FX-Foundry 117 auf einen Streich
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Advance Movie Poster Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Part1

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Join Arunz creation Volume 19 for a complete knowledge of photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and lighting.
Call on 9872599659 for registering.

– Subject Knowledge
-Fundamental of Editing
-Lightroom Post Processing
-Lightroom cc from Basic to Advance
-Lightroom Color Correction
-Lightroom Color Grading
-Understanding in depth Lightroom cc with theory and practical examples
-Fundamental of Photoshop
-Camera Raw
-How to Process Raw photos
-Digital Manipulation
-Background Change
– Digital Post Processing
-Skin Retouching
-Advance Photo Manipulation
– Fundamentals of photography
– White Balance
– Exposure Triangle Parameters of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed
– Metering and exposure compensation
– Focusing Modes and Focusing Points
– Composition
– Understanding Lighting
– Low light photography
– Getting that sharp image with good colours
– Understanding your equipment and shooting techniqu

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