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Keyboard Shortcuts for Layer Masks in Photoshop | Quick Tips!

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Learn how to master Layer Masks in Photoshop with these helpful keyboard shortcuts!

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How to Change Background Color on Photoshop

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How to Change Background Color on Photoshop. Changing the background color in Photoshop is quick an easy if you know the right steps. In this tutorial I show you how to remove the background from a portrait photo and then replace it with a new color gradient.

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INDEX How to Change Background Color on Photoshop
00:00 Starting with the original photo
00:46 Make Selection around Subject
01:07 Clean up selection with Select and Mask
02:45 Output to New Layer with Layer Mask
03:00 New Layer below subject
03:12 Use Gradient Editor
03:34 Place Gradient on New Layer
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video and description copyright 2021 George Peirson all rights reserved


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The Adobe Live Game Show with VooDoo Val – 2 of 2

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Spin the wheel of design and participate in creative mystery prompts on The Adobe Live Game Show with VooDoo Val! From graphic design to illustration, to animation – tune in as she tackles a new project every episode.

Host VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in Sacramento:

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