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Minecraft Nether Update Soulsand Valley – Where to Find Soul Soil and Basalt

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One of the new Biomes in Minecraft 1.16 is the Soulsand Valley, a very dangerous but useful biome. This is where you will find Soul Soil which is required if you want to make Soul Fire Torches – blue torches or Soul Fire Lanterns – blue lanterns. This is also where you will find a lot of Ghasts and other nasties. There is also a new block found here, Basalt.

00:00 Soulsand Valley Minecraft Intro
00:30 Soul Sand Valley Biome in Minecraft 1.16
00:38 Why the Soul sand Valley Minecraft Biome is so dangerous
01:21 Mobs in the Soulsand Valley Biome
01:45 The New Soul Soil – needed for Blue Torches
02:16 Walking across Soul Sand and Soul Soil
02:27 Nether Fossils and Bone Blocks
02:54 Basalt and where to find it
03:51 Review of the Nether update Soul Sand Valley
03:56 Gather lots of Soul Soil
04:09 Lots of Ghasts – recommendations for survival
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Tapping Into Your Creativity | Sundance

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How to Shoot Long Exposures with Lightroom Mobile | In A Lightroom Minute

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Welcome to #InALightroomMinute! In this episode, Pei Ketron shows us how to shoot long exposures using the Lightroom in-app camera. Long exposure is currently a tech preview on iOS devices.

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