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Introducing Demas Rusli for Start With Stock | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Introducing Sydney, Australia-based photographer and designer @Demas Rusli for #StartWithStock. Follow along as he shows us how he creates a day-to-night transition edit using assets from Adobe Stock.



Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.

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How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop – EASY Yet POWERFUL Technique!

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Learn this powerful technique to change hair color in Photoshop!

Keep in mind that when doing hair color changes in Photoshop it is a lot easier to go from light hair colors to dark. The biggest reason is that lighter hair tends to have more detail and therefore you can make those areas darker and keep the detail.

Going from dark hair to light hair is much more difficult. For example, turning black hair into blonde hair is extremely difficult or impossible in a lot of cases because the details are lost in the shadows, and photoshop cannot recreate the detail that was lost.

Keep in mind is that everyone’s hair color is different. The numerical values for any adjustments that I use on this photo may not work for your photo. Use my values as a starting point, and adjust accordingly for your image.

The techniques in this video are all non-destructive which means you can always come back and edit them!

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📘 INDEX – How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop
00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – Dealing with Flyaway Hair
01:18 – Work Non-Destructively with Smart Objects
01:42 – Make a Selection Our The Hair
02:15 – Use Select and Mask to Refine The Selection
03:58 – Create a Group and Apply The Selection as a Mask
04:17 – Why You Shouldn’t Use JUST The Hue/Sat Adjustment
05:38 – Use The Color Balance Adjustment Layer to Change Hair Color
07:33 – Making The Hair Color Red
08:14 – Change Hair Color To Black
09:57 – Change Hair Color To Blonde
11:17 – Bring The Highlights Back
12:06 – Refine the Image to Get The Best Hair Color Change as Possible
12:37 – Final Thoughts


Select and Mask Crash Course

Advance Hair Selection and Painting

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How to Fix Problems with a Minecraft Bedrock Custom Resource Pack that’s Not Working

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There are several things that can prevent a Minecraft Bedrock Custom Resource Pack from working properly. I show you what to check starting with basic pack problems, plus how to properly install and un-install resource packs, and checks to make on resource pack files. You can use the timestamps below to skip around in the video, but watching from the start is best.

► Minecraft Bedrock Downloads Page

00:00 How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Custom Resource Packs Intro
00:27 Start off with a new Vanilla Resource Pack
01:22 Use any program to unzip Vanilla Resource Pack
01:36 Optimize the resource pack
03:10 Edit the manifest.json file using Windows Notepad
03:42 Use New UUID Codes
05:01 Combine into new Zip file – I like 7-zip
05:18 Make sure zip program is set to the zip archive format
05:51 Make sure that you are seeing the File name extension
06:08 Change the .zip to .mcpack – just type that in
06:25 Make sure you see Import Started
07:06 Texture files must be named Exactly the same as original
07:34 Custom Record Discs need new folders –
07:45 Background Music needs new folders –
08:04 Convert .mp3 files to .ogg, just renaming will not work
08:25 Using your own Pack Icon file
09:03 How to make a custom resource pack Active
10:12 Deleting a custom resource pack so you can re-edit it
11:18 If you still hear the original music disc and not your new one
12:42 If you are not hearing anything when playing your custom disc
13:42 LIke, Share, Subscribe


This How to Fix Minecraft Bedrock Custom Resource Pack problems video is recorded in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 but most of these ideas will work with other versions of Minecraft Bedrock as well. Project includes downloadable Minecraft Background Music list.

This Custom Minecraft Bedrock Background Music video is just one of my numerous Minecraft Ideas tutorials. You can view more Tutorial Videos in these YouTube Playlists:

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