How to Compress Images for WordPress Using GIMP (Reduce File Sizes by Over 95%)

In this tutorial I show you how to compress images for your WordPress website to decrease image file sizes and improve your page load speeds. I use GIMP, the free photo editor, to crop the aspect ratio, scale the image, and save the image to a compressed filetype. The methods discussed in this video will reduce the size of your images by over 95% without resulting in a noticeable loss in image quality. Your images will be much smaller but will still look great!

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Open Image Into GIMP
0:38 – Change the Aspect Ratio with the Crop Tool
1:40 – Reduce Your Image Size with the Scale Tool
3:05 – Compress Your Image by Saving As a WebP File
4:46 – Upload Your Compressed Image to WordPress
5:10 – Final Thoughts and Resources

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