You’ve Got to See This! Animated Paintings in Minecraft! And How You Can Make Them

Check this out! Animated Paintings in Minecraft! You can make your own Minecraft animated paintings simply and easily after watching this video, make sure you watch till the end to learn how to adjust the speed of the animation. I show you how to make the animated painting image, where to find the animation file, and how to combine it all into an animated Minecraft paintings texture pack. Watch your Minecraft painitngs come to life! Just a little bit of work and you can have fun moving paintings in MInecraft.

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☑️ pack.mcmeta Download:

00:00 How to Make Animated Paintings in Minecraft
00:33 Get the original animation
02:58 Edit in any image editing program
04:17 Get original painting and other files
06:55 Make Folders
08:16 Make the animation png file
15:52 Get and Edit the pack.mcmeta file
17:18 Assemble the custom animation resource pack
18:19 Load the custom animation pack into the game and activate
19:30 Adjust the speed of the animation
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Custom Menus
Custom Title Screen

This Custom Minecraft Resource Pack tutorial was recorded in Minecraft 1.19.3

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