How to Make a Collage Portrait in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Make a Collage Portrait in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Embellish a portrait with graphics, textures and imagery using your iPad.

Start from scratch, or save the practice file [ TBD ] and open it in the Your Work tab in Photoshop on your iPad. Then add our library of design assets [ ] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your file:

1. Open Photoshop on your iPad.
2. Tap the + icon on the Home screen to create a new document. Or, open the practice file from the Your Work section of the Home screen.
3. Enter the document dimensions and tap Create.

Tip: We created an 3000 x 3000 px document.

Add the portrait:

1. Tap the image icon and choose Libraries.
2. Find the Discover – Collage Portrait library in the list.
3. Tap the Background image to add it to the canvas.
4. Drag the handles to resize if necessary.
5. Tap Done to place it.
6. Tap one of the portrait images and add it to the canvas.
7. Tap and hold the Lasso tool.
8. Tap Select Subject.
9. Tap the Mask icon to hide the background around the selection.

Embellish with graphics:

1. Add graphics, shapes, and images from the library.
2. Tap the Layers icon on the right side to show the Layers panel.
3. Tap and drag layers to move objects in front or behind others.
4. Drag the handles to rotate or resize graphics before you place them.

Add a message:

1. Tap the + icon on the right to add a new layer.
2. Tap and hold the Brush tool to choose a brush.
3. Tap the size value and use the slider to make the brush smaller or larger.
4. Tap the color swatch and choose a brush color.
5. Use your finger or Apple Pencil to brush your message.
6. To resize or rotate the message, tap the Transform icon in the toolbar and drag the handles.
7. Tap Done when you are finished.

Brush some accents:

1. Experiment with the brush tool to pick new brushes, colors, and sizes.
2. Add accents and flourishes throughout your design.
3. Use layers to rearrange the placement of items in your design.

That’s it!

Check out the full lesson and more on Discover:



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