Get Honey and Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock

Get Honey and Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock

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How you can get honey and honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock. Minecraft collect honey from Bee Nests and Beehives. To get Minecraft Honey and Honeycomb you need to plan and prepare to make those Honey Blocks and Honeycomb Blocks. In this How to Get Honey in Minecraft video I show you what you need to do to set up a Bee Farm with Beehives so that you will have an unlimited supply of Honey and Honeycomb.

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INDEX – Get Honey in Minecraft Bedrock
00:00 Collect Honey in Bedrock
00:19 Where to find Bee Nests
00:33 Growing trees to get Bee Nests
01:15 How to get more nests
01:38 How to collect honey safely
02:40 Collecting the honey
03:22 Collecting Honeycomb
03:59 How to build a Beehive
04:46 How to breed Bees
05:53 How to Collect from a Beehive
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