Photoshop Elements Remove an Object

Photoshop Elements Remove an Object

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Photoshop Elements Remove an Object. How to remove an object from a photo using the Photoshop Elements clone stamp tool plus a couple of other tricks.

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INDEX Photoshop Elements Remove an Object
00:00 Start with original image
00:13 We will use the Clone Stamp Tool to remove object
00:30 Increase sharpness
00:59 Make a duplicate of background layer
01:59 Use soft edge brush
02:03 Hold alt key then click to choose clone from point
02:47 Try to clone from lines
03:23 Clone in little steps to remove an object
04:11 Go back and do clean up
05:02 Hold alt key to hide overlay
05:34 Try to hide obvious repetition
05:52 Use Burn Tool for variation
07:02 You can clone between layers
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