How to Get Stock Photos Free – 5 Favorite Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use Sites

How to Get Stock Photos Free – 5 Favorite Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use Sites

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5 sites where you can get stock photos free including stock photos for commercial use sites. Very often a project requires photos but paying for rights can get expensive, so I have compiled a list of 5 sites that have images under the Creative Commons 0 license that allow you to use their stock photos free in both commercial and non-commercial uses.

INDEX How to Get Stock Photos Free
00:00 5 favorite stock photos for commercial use sites
00:18 Creative Commons 0 License for free photo use
00:46 Pexels free stock photo search
01:11 Looking at search results
01:21 How to download images
02:03 Where to find Attribution link
02:17 Pixabay free stock photo search
02:39 Search results shown in pages
02:50 You will find ads on Stock photos free sites
02:58 Good idea to sign up on sites
03:19 Download from Pixabay
04:05 Pixabay has photos, illustrations, vectors, video, and music
04:22 Unsplash free stock photo site
04:55 Unsplash has larger thumbnails
05:12 Multiple sites will give you more photos
05:43 Download from Unsplash
06:20 Freeimages stock photos free site
07:43 Download from Freeimages
07:59 Focustock free stock photo site
08:14 Focustock has free social templates
09:03 Template editing app
09:33 Download from Focustock
09:44 Like Share Subscribe

The Stock Photos Free sites reviewed in the video


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