How to Edit Minecraft Mobs in Nova Skin – 1.17 Texture Pack Tutorial

How to Edit Minecraft Mobs in Nova Skin – 1.17 Texture Pack Tutorial

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How to Change the look of Minecraft Mobs with the Nova Skin Resource Pack Creator. Time to get a new look to the mob skin with a new custom texture pack and a bit of repainting in Nova Skin.

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INDEX – Nova Skin Mobs Edit the Wolf
00:00 Make a Gray Wolf
00:11 Use the Nova Skin Resource Pack Creator
00:26 Open the Tame Wolf model
00:51 Choose your color
01:12 Paint the wolf
02:49 Use a darker accent color
03:27 Save to your hard drive
03:55 Open the Collar model
04:05 Choose a medium blue
04:17 Paint the collar
04:37 Erase any mistakes
04:54 Save the file
05:11 Easy to use mob texture editor
05:34 Open minecraft folder
05:51 We’ll use 1.16.5.jar file
06:08 Copy to working folder
06:18 Change .jar to .zip
06:33 Open in new window
06:43 Copy pack.mcmeta and pack.png
07:08 Make the folders
07:42 Copy wolf files into wolf folder
08:00 The pack.png file
08:14 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
08:28 1.17 is pack_format 7
08:48 Zip up files
09:09 Open resourcepacks folder and copy new pack here
09:32 Activate the pack
09:53 Test in game
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This Planet Minecraft Banner on Shield tutorial was recorded in Minecraft 1.17

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