How to Use Affinity Photo to Stitch Pictures into a Panorama

How to Use Affinity Photo to Stitch Pictures into a Panorama

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How to use Affinity Photo to stitch together photos into a panorama. This quick panorama tutorial shows you step by step the full process from importing original photos, through stitching the panorama, filling missing areas, cleaning up the image, making image quality adjustments, then finally saving it out and exporting to your required format.

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INDEX – Affinity Photo 1.9 Update
00:00 – Open photos
00:27 You can download photos below
00:38 Click Stitch Panorama button
01:14 The better the photos, the better the panorama
01:45 Click OK
02:04 Click Inpaint Missing Areas Button
02:21 Click Apply Button
02:45 You may need to fix filled areas
03:06 You could crop the image
03:22 Seeing what needs fixing
03:41 Use the Clone Stamp Tool
03:52 Hold alt key to select clone from area
04:05 Do fast clone clean up first
04:21 Do more cloning for final fix
05:17 Switch to Develop Persona
05:28 Shadows and Highlights first
06:11 Adjust Saturation next
06:35 Tweak the Tones
07:12 Click Develop
07:26 Save to Affinity Photo format first
07:56 Export for other formats
08:08 Export options on right
08:34 File/Export, and click Export button
08:45 Saves to same location
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