Easy PHOTOSHOP BACKGROUND REMOVAL Tutorial – How To Remove a Background In Photoshop For Beginners!

Easy PHOTOSHOP BACKGROUND REMOVAL Tutorial – How To Remove a Background In Photoshop For Beginners!

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Learn a simple method to remove the background from your photos in Photoshop! Photoshop background removal is easy to do if you know the right tool to use and the best tricks. Using tools like Select Subject plus Select and Mask we will do a professional background removal and replace with a new background photo.
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INDEX – How To Remove a Background In Photoshop
00:00 Photoshop Background Removal Easy Intro
00:17 Using Select Subject
00:29 Using Select and Mask to Refine Edge
00:55 Output to New Layer with Layer Mask
01:07 Edit Layer Mask directly
01:40 Use File/Place to add new background
02:05 Adjust position of subject
02:15 Adjust colors and values
03:19 Tricky Photoshop Background Removal
03:37 Use Polygonal Lasso Tool for difficult selections
04:31 Doing the tricky selection area
05:15 Using Select and Mask
05:37 Brush along edge to clean up mask
05:50 Brush into hair for best results
06:26 Sometimes Refine Edge won’t work
07:05 Increasing Contrast of mask sometimes helps
07:22 Output to New Layer with Layer Mask
07:40 Spot increase contrast on Layer Mask
08:43 Clean up on actual Layer Mask
09:18 You can paint white for more clean up
10:05 Blur hard edges
10:40 Photoshop Background Removal add new background
11:28 Using the Pen Tool for curved edges
11:46 Use the Curvature Pen Tool
12:44 Use Direct Selection Tool to modify curve points
14:02 Convert Tool converts between curved and straight points
16:05 Convert Path to Selection
16:28 Use Layer Mask button
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