The Art and Craft of Amazing Portraits | Adobe Creative Cloud

The Art and Craft of Amazing Portraits | Adobe Creative Cloud

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One of the most frequently photographed subjects is people, but how do you capture meaningful and memorable portraits? Join Sony Artisan of Imagery, best-selling author, photographer, and teacher Chris Orwig as he shares his techniques for creating amazing portraits at any time of day, with any type of subject, using natural light and minimal gear (even just a smartphone). Whether you’re capturing photographs of colleagues, family, and friends or doing client work, you’ll leave with practical and actionable tips to improve your photographs.

Specifically, Chris will cover:
• How to put your subjects at ease
• The angle to make everyone look their best
• The strengths and weaknesses of smartphone camera use
• Using available light to capture the best shot
• Editing photos to improve them, yet retain authenticity
• Best practices for preparing and sharing your images for the social



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