How to Build the Best Giant Sword in Minecraft! Plus 1000 Llamas! – Minecraft Mods Tutorial

How to Build the Best Giant Sword in Minecraft! Plus 1000 Llamas! – Minecraft Mods Tutorial

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How to make the best Giant Sword in Minecraft using just a little Minecraft Java programming. Then add your sword to Minecraft with a quick Custom Resource Pack. This is just one of my Minecraft Mods tutorials, check out my channel for more.

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Custom Swords Video:

00:00 How to Build the Best Giant Sword in Minecraft Intro
00:24 Less Chickens More Llamas Gang
00:42 Make working folder
00:52 About pack.png
01:20 Make assets folder
01:35 Where to find the .jar file
02:06 Show the File name extensions
02:17 Copy the .jar file to working folder
02:27 Open the .jar in new window
02:43 Copy the pack.mcmeta file
03:09 Make the rest of the folders
04:13 Copy the sword texture file
04:43 Copy the models .json file
05:06 Copy the handheld.json file
05:35 If you made a new sword place it now
05:54 Open the sword .json file
06:04 I use Notepad++
06:30 Open handheld.json
06:43 Third Person vs First Person
06:59 Copy needed code to the sword .json file
07:16 Clean up the code
07:57 Make sure code is perfect
08:11 The two parts we will change
08:25 Updating Scale
08:58 Make the test resource pack
09:32 Put the resource pack into Minecraft
09:59 Test the pack in Minecraft
10:27 Scale is right Position needs fixing
10:47 Edit translation (position)
11:43 Make the final .zip resource pack
12:02 Put the zip resource pack into Minecraft
12:43 Sword is correct
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This How to Build the Best Giant Sword in Minecraft tutorial is recorded in Minecraft 1.16.5 but this will work with other versions of Minecraft as well.

This is just one of my numerous Minecraft Mods tutorials. You can view more Tutorial Videos in these YouTube Playlists:


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