InVideo Review and Tutorial – How to Make a Video Using InVideo

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In this InVideo Tutorial I show you how easy it is to make a great video using templates and included video and music assets. Plus how to add text effects and fancy scene changes.

00:00 InVideo Review and Tutorial Intro
00:16 InVideo templates and video assets
00:49 Preview a template
01:11 25% Discount Code GURU25
01:46 Get Premium content
02:09 Use InVideo with your Team
02:19 InVideo Community
02:42 Set up Brand Logo and Colors
03:32 Templates-Text to Video-Blank Canvas
04:00 Choose an Intro template
04:29 Looking at the InVideo Editor
04:41 Content and Assets
05:33 Editor Content Options
06:41 The Timeline
07:32 Adjust Scene Duration
08:12 Add a New Scene
08:41 Add Video to Scene
09:31 Play All Scenes
09:59 Navigate between scenes
10:21 My Editing sequence
10:59 Previewing video at this point
11:37 Add in Text
11:50 Available Text Options
12:18 Choosing a Classic Text Style
12:57 Edit the Text
13:47 Preview the Text animation
14:40 Adding Transitions
16:07 Adding Music
17:00 Previewing the complete video
17:32 Adjusting Music Fade Out
17:46 Finishing the Project
18:11 Download and Share Options
19:02 Seeing final video in a media player
19:59 Don’t forget promo code GURU25

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