Doodle Therapy with Nick Slater: Adventurer Landscapes – 1 of 2

Doodle Therapy is a space for us to come together, relax, and simply draw. As an interactive drawing show, we’ll go through drawing exercises together and viewers can provide input on what we doodle! This week, our guest is Nick Slater – a prolific vector artist whose many badges, logotypes, and poetic nature-filled landscapes inspire many. In keeping with the spirit of adventuring into a new year together, we’ll be exploring new landscapes. Our challenge this week is to take a moodboard of nature-filled references, and create a landscape and adventure character within it. Along the way, Nick and Alice will be sharing tips, tricks, processes, and shortcuts that they use everyday in Illustrator and Photoshop. Grab a cup of tea and come by for an hour of relaxing drawing.

Guest Nick Slater Designer & Illustrator based out of the Bay Area:

Host Alice Lee is an illustrator and muralist based in San Francisco:

Join us LIVE on Behance: