How to Use Audacity for Beginners – Free Sound Editing App

How to Use Audacity for Beginners – Free Sound Editing App

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In this Audacity for Beginners tutorial I show you the basics of getting sound into Audacity and then editing that sound. How to use Audacity to remove background noise, how to edit sound files, how to make your voice sound good, plus how to convert to other sound formats.

00:00 How to Use Audacity for Beginners Intro
00:34 Download Audacity
01:02 Import Audio from a video
02:14 Setup a mic for use in Audacity
02:57 Monitor microphone levels
03:52 Record and playback controls
04:05 Make a recording
04:33 Basic Editing
05:21 Improve sound quality – Normalize
06:28 Clean up background noise – Noise Reduction
08:00 Save and Backup your work
08:47 Export audio
09:43 Edit the audio track
10:38 Split the audio
11:20 Split audio to new track
12:00 Add a music track
12:38 Trim music track
13:25 Adjust volume in music track
15:12 Edit separate tracks
15:38 Save and Export
16:40 Playback
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