Minecraft Builds Bastion Remnant Restoration ep 3 How to Build a Storage Room Survival Java Edition

Minecraft Builds Bastion Remnant Restoration ep 3 How to Build a Storage Room Survival Java Edition

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Minecraft Builds Bastion Remnants Restoration Base Episode 3 taking over the lower level on the bridge to build that into a storage room. How to fix the space and set up the first Chests for the Storage Room build and thinking about future updates. Plus solving a little Bee problem. This Minecraft survival mode video was recorded in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.3.
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00:00 Minecraft Bastion Remnants Restoration ep 3 Intro
00:11 The storage setup builds that I will be replacing
00:59 Put windows in floor to look for Piglins
01:10 Why I chose this Bastion Remnant room to restore first
01:36 Where the Bastion Bridge ends and the Remnant begins
02:02 A Minecraft Bee got into my room through the Portal
02:26 Plan for the room once the chests are removed
02:49 Looking at the lower Bastion Bridge level
03:06 Dealing with one Piglin
03:34 The lower Main Bastion Remnant room
03:59 Starting to put in the walls
04:43 Putting in the first stack of Chests
06:31 Looking at a space for a future Library Enchantment Table
06:52 Going back to the Bee
07:14 Pulling the Bee through the Portal with a Lead
07:57 Checking for the Bee in the Overworld
08:13 Build wrap up
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