Minecraft Bastion Base EP 2 – Gathering Materials for an Automated Chicken Farm Tutorial

Minecraft Bastion Base EP 2 – Gathering Materials for an Automated Chicken Farm Tutorial

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Bastion Remnants Base Episode 2 where we gather materials for an Automated Chicken Farm we will be building in the next video. Right now getting some Blackstone out of the TNT cave and finding our first Chickens.
Bastion Remnants Restoration is a lot of work, it would actually be easier from scratch, but more fun this way.
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00:00 Minecraft Bastion Remnants Base EP 2 Intro
00:37 I found some Gold Nuggets in the TNT aftermath
01:17 Where I have been gathering materials in the TNT Ancient Debris cavern
01:52 Walls, Paths, Mining Blackstone Deposits
02:32 Going into the overworld
02:49 Where the Automated Chicken Farm will go
02:07 Where I am planting trees trying for some Bees
03:26 I found some chickens
03:36 Making a quick chicken corral
04:19 Getting the first chicken
05:14 Getting the second chicken
05:37 Breeding the Chickens
05:57 Planning the Automated Chicken Farm
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