How To Change Minecraft Sounds 1.16 – How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Resource Packs Tutorial

How To Change Minecraft Sounds 1.16 – How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Resource Packs Tutorial

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In this How To Change Your Sounds in Minecraft tutorial I will show you the steps needed to replace Minecraft Sounds with new Custom Minecraft Sounds. I have made this project simple by only using sounds downloaded from a free online site and converted using an online sound editing app. Plus the sound resource pack is compiled using the Windows zip utility. This comprehensive Minecraft Edit Sound tutorial takes you step-by-step through the complete process from finding Minecraft Sounds clear through the creation and installation of a custom resource pack with new sounds.

00:00 Minecraft Change Sounds Intro
00:39 Set up a new folder on your hard drive
01:04 Finding the path and name of the sound file
02:26 Making the sound folders in the assets folder
03:13 Getting the pack.mcmeta and pack.png files
05:36 Updating the pack.mcmeta file
06:30 Getting the sound file download online
06:58 Editing and Converting the sound file online
08:55 Combining the files into a new zipped resource pack
09:31 Put the new resource pack into the Minecraft resourcepack folder
10:14 Activating and Testing the new sound
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Sound file source

Online Editing app


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