How to Update a Custom Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition Minecraft PC

How to Update a Custom Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition Minecraft PC

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In this Minecraft Resource Pack tutorial I show you how to update your resource pack to 1.16 in Minecraft Java Edition. Updating the Resource Pack to 1.16 from an earlier version is really simple once you know the proper steps.

00:00 How to update a Minecraft Resource pack to 1.16 Intro
00:32 Where to find Minecraft 1.16 pack.mcmeta and pack.png files
00:58 Pack.png does not need updating
01:11 New 1.16 pack.mcmeta format
02:25 Optimize the assets folder
02:41 Delete unchanged files and folders
03:09 Clean up the colormap and block folders
03:57 The cleaned up block folder
04:25 Zip up the updated resource pack
04:49 Open the Resource Pack folder
05:12 Copy the updated resource pack to the resource pack folder
05:48 Restart Minecraft Java Edition
06:05 Activating the updated resource pack for 1.16
06:24 Checking the updated resource pack in game

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