How to Fix a Minecraft Resource Pack Java Edition

How to Fix a Minecraft Resource Pack Java Edition

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In How To video I show you the things to check if your Minecraft Resource Pack isn’t showing up in the game or it isn’t working properly. Check the timestamps below for specific sections of this video.

00:00 Fix Minecraft Resource Pack Java Edition Intro
00:12 Check that the Resource Pack is showing in-game
00:28 Check that the Resource Pack is in the correct folder on your computer
01:23 Check that the Resource Pack is saved to the .zip format
01:40 Check that pack.mcmeta is included in the zip
02:00 Check tht pack.mcmeta has the correct pack_format number
02:22 Make sure that pack.mcmeta is saved to the ANSI Encoding format
02:42 Set pack.mcmeta to open with Notepad
03:19 Most problems should be solved by now
03:34 Pack Icon only showing the default gray scale image, not a custom image
04:27 Where to find the .jar file
05:45 Copy the .jar file over to a folder on your computer before you work with it
06:12 DO NOT EVER open the jar file on the desktop, it will crash your computer!
06:29 Anything can be used to open the .jar file, it is actually just a .zip file
07:16 Delete everything except the assets folder
07:26 Optimize your Resource Pack by deleting everything except for the files you are replacing
07:59 You can have several Resource Packs, each one only containing some files
09:01 My Optimize Resource Packs video for Java
09:17 My Customize Minecraft Playlist


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