Review of Anastasiy Extensions for Adobe Photoshop

Review of Anastasiy Extensions for Adobe Photoshop

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In this video review we look at the Anastasiy Extensions for Photoshop, a collection of 6 creativity and productivity tools. The kind folks at Anastasiy sent me a review copy of these extensions so that I could show you how they work with Photoshop, I was not paid for this review and the link below is not an affiliate link.

You can find Anastasiy here

00:00 Anastasiy Intro
00:28 The Anastasiy Extensions
01:29 The existing Photoshop Color Tools
03:20 Anastasiy MagicPicker
07:19 Anastasiy MagicPicker Keyboard Shortcuts
08:31 Anastasiy MixColors
10:35 Anastasiy MixColors Swatches
12:44 My Rating of Anastasiy Extensions
13:18 Checking out the cost of Anastasiy Extensions
14:16 Anastasiy Extensions Wrap-up
14:33 Like, Share, Subscribe

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