Use of Check Layers in Skin Retouching – Photoshop Tutorial

Use of Check Layers in Skin Retouching – Photoshop Tutorial

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In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn to use the Photoshop check layers in skin retouching using Micro Dodge and Burn.

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Photoshop Micro Dodge and Burn Skin Retouching Tutorial

Free Download Photoshop Skin Retouching Check Layers Action

When you are doing skin retouching in PHotoshop. it is very important to understand how to maintain the skin texture in micro dodge and burn. so here i am providing the free photoshop action for skin retouching. firstly 2 actions you apply on the image before skin retouch. now as per video your so many photoshop layers. I divide the layers into 2 parts one is the checking layer and another Micro dodge and burn layer. now in the check layer active the blemish layer and you can able see the skin imperfections very clearly. now those skin imperfection using path tool directly on the original layer. after completing this process. make an active blemish check layer for Micro dodge and burn. now there is a very special check layer called solarize. active this and you will get colors. these colors just indicating the shadow and highlight. do your micro dodge and burn job while active the solarize layer. another 2 more layers name invert and black white are used to get the deeper information of blemish in shadow and highlight.

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