How to Make an Album Cover in Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Make an Album Cover in Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Design brands and identities that inspire and delight. Add design assets to a Creative Cloud library and reuse the same elements across multiple designs to create a cohesive look. Featured artist: Hoodzpah. Check out more of their work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your files:

1. Open the practice file in Illustrator (File – Open).
2. Choose the Pencil tool (N) and draw freeform foam patterns to the waves.

Import the Creative Cloud Library:

1. Open the Libraries panel (Window – Libraries).
2. Choose Import Library from the Libraries flyout menu.
3. Select the Library location.
4. Select the albumcover.cclibs file provided with the practice files.

Add colors and patterns:

1. Expand the Color section in the Library.
2. Hold the Shift key as you click with the Selection tool (V) to select multiple shapes.
3. Click the color you want to use.
4. Choose the Rectangle (M) tool and draw a rectangle to cover the sky.
5. Open the Swatches (Window – Swatches) panel to see the patterns Hoodzpah provided.
6. Use the Selection tool to select the new rectangle.
7. Click a striped pattern from the swatches.
8. Apply a different pattern to the foam in the waves and turn off the stroke.

Tip: If the patterns do not appear when you open the Swatches panel, click the Swatch Libraries icon, choose Other Library, then select the swatches file from the practice files.

9. Choose the Brushes (Window – Brushes) panel.
10. Choose the Brushes Library icon, and import the brushes file from the practice files.
11. Choose the Selection tool then Shift+click to select all the shapes you wish to outline.
12. Choose a pattern brush from the drop down and set the Stroke width.

Add graphics and type

1. Expand the Graphics category in the Libraries panel.
2. Drag a graphic on to the artwork and click where you want to place it.
3. Repeat to add the graphics such as the sun, clouds and other assets you want to include in the artwork.
4. Use the Selection tool to select a block of text in the design.
5. Expand the Type category in the Libraries panel.
6. Double-click the character style thumbnail to apply the text formatting.

That’s it!

To learn more, check out our Companion Tutorial:



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