How to Find Biomes in Minecraft Java 1.16 Creative Mode – the locatebiome command

How to Find Biomes in Minecraft Java 1.16 Creative Mode – the locatebiome command

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Minecraft 1.16 comes with four biomes, the Wasteland (original biome), Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, and Soul Sand Valley. Finding these different biomes can be very tricky and take a long time, unless you are playing in Creative Mode where you can use a new command to quickly get the nearest biome’s coordinates. In this Minecraft Nether Biome video I show you how.

00:00 Minecraft Nether Locate Biome Intro
00:39 Starting Biome location
02:07 Finding your current location coordinates
02:50 Using the /locatebiome command
03:09 Getting the coordinates for the closest Warped Forest Biome
03:32 Comparing current location to needed location coordinates
04:17 How to get to the new coordinates
04:55 Seeing how far away the closest Warped Forest is to my starting point
06:31 Arriving at the Warped Forest Biome
06:54 Review of locatebiome command
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