How to Add Custom Paintings into Minecraft Java – Minecraft Painting Texture Pack

How to Add Custom Paintings into Minecraft Java – Minecraft Painting Texture Pack

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Adding your own paintings into Minecraft Java is a simple process if you know the steps. Making the paintings look there best requires just a couple of settings adjustments and I explain how to do all of this in this video tutorial.
00:00 Minecraft Java Custom Paintings Intro
00:32 Looking at Custom Paintings in my Minecraft house
00:53 The basic files needed for the resource pack
01:42 Setting up the basic Minecraft Paintings folder structure
01:58 Where to find the Minecraft painting folder
02:34 What is inside the Minecraft painting folder
03:26 Opening the painting images in Photoshop Elements
03:45 The problem with the default Minecraft pictures
03:58 Increasing the detail resolution by increasing the image size
04:58 Opening the two new pictures
05:16 Changing the image on the first painting
06:01 Saving the file as .psd and then as .png
07:11 Changing the image on the second painting
08:05 Saving the file as .psd and then as .png
08:40 Making the new Paintings Resource Pack
09:45 Adding the new resource pack into the resource pack folder
10:15 Activating the new Minecraft Paintings resource pack
10:55 Launching into Minecraft
11:16 Placing the new paintings on the walls
12:20 Adding Custom Paintings into Minecraft Java review
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Basic Minecraft Resource Pack Instructions:

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