Minecraft Zero-Tick Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Gets Lots of Sugar Cane Fast!

Minecraft Zero-Tick Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Gets Lots of Sugar Cane Fast!

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How to make a Zero-Tick Fully Automatic Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft using Pistons, Observer, Hoppers, and Chests. This advanced 0-tick automated sugarcane farm uses an unusual Minecraft trick to grow sugar cane really fast.
00:00 Minecraft 0-tick automated Sugar Cane Farm Intro
00:52 0-tick automatic Sugar Cane Farm machine explained
01:44 Sugar Cane Growth Trick explained
03:05 Basic layout
03:32 Putting down the first blocks for the 0-tick Sugar Cane machine
03:54 Putting in the Storage system
05:01 Putting in the Sliding Dirt Sticky Piston setup
05:53 Adding in the Automation Pistons
07:09 Adding in the On/Off Switch
08:08 Adding in the Redstone for the Automation Pistons
08:53 Testing the Piston Automation
09:24 Placing the Water for the Sugar Cane
10:35 Planting the Sugar Cane
10:52 Adding in the top Piston and the Observer Block
11:47 Redstone connection between Observer and top Piston
12:14 Surrounding the Sugar Cane with Glass Blocks
12:51 0-tick automated Sugar Cane Farm review
13:11 Testing the finished machine
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