New Minecraft Netherite – How to Find, Smelt, and Craft Netherite Armor, Sword, Tools

New Minecraft Netherite – How to Find, Smelt, and Craft Netherite Armor, Sword, Tools

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New Minecraft Netherite found in the Nether update in 1.16. How to find this really hard and rare new mineral Netherite ore. Great for Crafting Armor, Sword, Tools. In this video I show you how to find Netherite, mining suggestions, how to smelt and craft. Includes crafting recipe for armor, sword.

00:00 Minecraft Netherite Intro
00:50 How to Mine for Ancient Debris for converting into Netherite
01:04 What Ancient Debris looks like
01:23 Where you find Ancient Debris – the Y level of the pooling lava
01:55 Lava Pooling at Y32
02:29 Going into an Ancient Debris mine
02:32 Dig down to level Y16
02:39 Using standard branch mining
03:21 Finding Ancient Debris in the mine
05:32 Minecraft Netherite vs Diamond. Comparing Netherite Armor, Sword, and Tools to Diamond
06:35 How to Smelt Ancient Debris into Minecraft Netherite Scrap
07:03 Crafting Netherite Scrap into Netherite Ingots
08:09 Crafting Netherite Armor and Sword – Crafting Recipe
09:06 Review of the Netherite process
09:29 Crafting a Netherite Block – Crafting Recipe
10:31 Final Thoughts on Netherite
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