How to Make a Basic Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm 1.15 – Needed for Making Paper

How to Make a Basic Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm 1.15 – Needed for Making Paper

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In this tutorial I start a quick series that will eventually lead us up to a Silk Touch Enchantment for an Axe so that we can move a Bee Nest. But it all starts with lots of Paper and for that we need some sort of a basic Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm. This Sugarcane Farm design is really simple and basic, easy to do in Survival Mode and it will give you all of the paper you need to make the 15 Bookcases required for the upcoming Enchantment Table. If you set up your Sugar Cane Farm properly you won’t have that problem where the Sugar Cane won’t grow.

00:00 Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm Intro
00:43 Moving a Bee Nest
01:16 Basic Enchantment Table Layout
01:32 The Reason for a Sugarcane Farm
01:53 Starter Sugar Cane
02:06 Switching to Survival Mode
02:27 Starting the Water Trench
03:17 Planting the first Sugarcane
03:30 Easily Extending the Water Trench
04:25 Placing Wood Slabs down to hide Water Trench
04:43 You can grab water through waterlogged wood slabs
05:50 Making a second water trough
06:53 Planting the next rows of Sugar Cane
07:46 How to Harvest the Sugar Cane
08:20 Crafting Paper from Sugar Cane
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