A Photo Is Worth More than 1,000 Words with Adé Hogue | Adobe Creative Cloud

A Photo Is Worth More than 1,000 Words with Adé Hogue | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Creative Sessions recorded at Adobe MAX 2018: https://adobe.ly/2yWFvMl. We all take photos in our personal life, but how do you add photography to your professional life as well? Meet Adé Hogue, a designer and art director with an enthusiasm for custom lettering and photography, two passions that fuel his design process and creative energy. In this lively session, he’ll share how he merged his design career with his photographic hobby to deliver better and more artistic creations. You’ll see how the power of photography helps bring his design ideas to life and understand his creative process. You’ll also pick up nuggets on color theory, art direction, and what it takes to make a meaningful photograph.

Adé will show you how to:
– Take ad hoc photos and plan for a dedicated shoot
– Apply color and color theory to design and photography
– Apply scale to enhance the impact of your work
– Manipulate imperfections to your advantage

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