How to Add Patterns and Textures to Clothing in Photoshop [Fully Editable Technique]

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Add Patterns and Textures to Clothing in Photoshop.

📘 INDEX – How to Add Patterns to Clothing in Photoshop

01:50 – Isolation Process Explained
03:23 – Isolate Pieces Using The Pen Tool
08:47 – Isolate Pieces Using The Curvature Pen Tool
11:00 – Subtract Vector Shapes
14:30 – Making The Base Layer To Control The Shirt
16:34 – How To Use The Creative Cloud Market To Find Patterns
14:40 – Setting Up The Pattern Smart Objects
20:50 – Applying Patterns To The Sleeve
21:26 – How To Liquify To Create Fods and Creases in The Shirt
25:08 – How To Use Displacement Maps to Distor the Pattern
27:47 – Dodge and Burn Layer to Add Highlights and Shadows
30:28 – Duplicate Group and Apply on a Different Part
33:06 – Completed Vector Masks Walkthrough
35:19 – Adjustment Group to Adjust the Final Fabric Effect
36:25 – Change the Pattern with a few simple clicks!

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