LIVE Q&A | Professional Workflow for Portraits & Removing Any Object in Photoshop!

Jump to each question with the timestamps below:

3:37 Can you give just a brief on how to use the ‘Apply Image’ option in Photoshop? – Aman from India
17:51 How do you use the puppet tool? – Nick from California
0:26:27 What’s the best way to even skin tones in this photo? The legs are much darker then the rest of here skin and the client would like it to be more even. – Edwin from Gouda, Netherlands
0:35:38 How can I get the information and color back in the sky and the water without disturbing the subject of my photograph? – Joanie from Mississippi
0:49:28 A lot of the advertisement agencies around here are wanting us to know how to make GIFs. What is the easiest way to make GIFs? – Nicholas from Indiana
1:00:26 Please describe your workflow for a portrait photoshoot from memory card, to import, to culling, and final export. – John from Finland
1:11:23 I have a lot of problem selecting the hair. Can you please help? – Shai from Israel
1:19:23 For Shiree: Is your 150-600mm lens a Sigma or Tamron? Would you recommend it for outdoor and wildlife? For Aaron: When I export an image from Lr to Ps, the file indicates a resolution of 240 instead of 300. Why? – Vasantha from Sri Lanka
1:31:20 – How to easily remove green reflections that still cast on a picture once you’ve isolated the subject from the background? – Christian from Switzerland
1:46:15 Do you have any quick/easy tips for 14+ year olds to make a nice magazine cover?] – Andy from London
1:48:44 How do you remove the stuff behind the puppy, without the area getting all muddy? – Joyce from Spokane, Washington

We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our fifth episode which aired May 16th, 2018. Watch highlights using the timestamps above.