Photoshop | How to Create POLAROID EFFECT From 13 REASONS WHY | Photo Effect Tutorial

In this photo effects tutorial we will see how to create Polaroid effect inspired by web series 13 reasons why using photoshop. Mainly it looks like a Polaroid picture is hanging by a thread, and face on the pic matches according the pic in the background

we blue the pic in the background to add more depth to photo effect. On its own the photo effect is not that complicated to create, but to find images that work with is another story. Its was kind of nightmare to find pictures for this photoshop tutorial.

Also i had to modify a picture but i did not teach it in video coz it will make tutorial way too long, its already around 15 minutes. So instead i modified it my self and for the photo effect you can download that modified pic using link below.

I hope you learn something from this photoshop tutorial, have a good day.


Download Images