Dual Tone Double Exposure | Photoshop Tutorial

In this video we will try to combine two popular photoshop effects that are double exposure and dual tone effects.

This photo effect has been pretty popular on sites like pinterest and instagram. Basically you follow the process of regular double exposure effect but before you do that you use dual tone effect color grade all the pictures.

And it works surprisingly good and not to mention its super easy to follow, even for the beginners.

For this video i used standard cyan and red colors combination to finish the effect but at the end i explain how you can use adjustment layers to get many different color shades with single sliders.

Keep in mind that you might have to do something little differently if you use different pictures for photo effect and that is completely fine. I encourage you guys to try something different in photoshop.

So i hope you guys learn something from this photoshop tutorial. Have fun !!

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