How to Make Great Videos: Color (Part 3) | Lumetri Scopes, LUTs, Color Wheels and HDR

In the final episode of this three-part series, Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist Jason Levine walks you through using Lumetri Scopes (including Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram & RGB Parade), talks Master Clip effects (with and without Input LUTs), Color Wheels, HDR grading, working with Lumetri in After Effects, and exporting your dailies with LUTs/Looks applied, directly from Media Encoder. Find timestamped chapters below. Learn more about this tutorial series: Find more videos in this series: Download free trials and the latest features in Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio tools:

01:07 Color introduction with scopes, why we use them, your viewing environment and why it matters
03:39 Lumetri Scopes: start in Color Workspace (and revealing panels)
04:20 Setting the scope options in the Lumetri Scopes panel
08:06 Using the white balance eye dropper
09:20 The ‘Clamp Signal’ checkbox option / The Waveform scope
12:07 Adding additional scopes / scope presets for viewing multiple scopes simultaneously
13:38 The RGB Parade
16:00 The (broadcast) YUV Vectorscope / Testing with Bars & Tone
19:27 The Histogram
22:47 Making adjustments with Waveform RGB scope, adjusting Exposure, highlights & black level
30:14 Using Input LUT on the Master Clip (via effects panel)
36:35 More Input LUTs using Waveform Display
42:18 Revealing the HDR (high dynamic range) Color controls and how to enable/tuse them on HDR footage
45:44 Using the Color Wheels (traditional colorist controls for shadows/midtones/highlights)
48:51 Working with Lumetri shots in After Effects (and setting AE Comp Bit Depth)
51:24 Adding LUTs/Looks on your dailies/selects (with flat footage) on Export via Media Encoder



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