The Pencil Factory: Artists, Designers, Illustrators in one Iconic Building | Adobe Creative Cloud

Paul and Brooke couldn’t pass up the chance to visit The Pencil Factory when the Make It crew traveled to New York to interview east coast design artists. The Pencil Factory is a small community of independent illustrators, designers, artists, and other creative people who share studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Check out the artists they encountered as they strolled the halls and get an inside view of this historic building. (Artists featured in this episode: Aelfie Oudghiri, Spencer Charles, Jeff Rogers, Alex Eben Meyer, Mark Pernice & Elana Schlenker)


Connect with today’s artists from the Pencil Factory:
Aelfie Oudghiri:
Spencer Charles:
Jeff Rogers:
Alex Eben Meyer:
Mark Pernice:
Elana Schlenker:


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