Face Slice Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this photoshop head slice effect we will see how to make photo look like its cut in circular pieces with colorful tops.

If you read the above line without context of photoshop it sounds really weird.

But i will make sure to include that its a photoshop effect tutorial because i don’t wanna get hit by demonetization.

Did i mention that its photoshop video ? it is that.

I normally add basic summery of video or what we did in the video but to be honest that’s kind of pointless, isn’t it ?

Still one important thing to mention that its fairly complicated process to follow, so if you are absolute beginner in photoshop i will advise to make sure you know that basic tools.

There will be use of shape tools and a lot layer naming and grouping.

so i hope you enjoy the video and learn something from this PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL (lol)

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DOWNLOAD links to Images ( Images provided by faestock @deviantart.com )