Create a DIY Horror Movie Poster | Tutorial/CONTEST! (Part III)

The End is Nigh, Frightful Phlearners!

**Contest Details:
Enter your DIY Horror Movie Poster for a chance to win a year of PHLEARN PRO!

Contest Start Date: October 10th 2017
Contest End Date: October 30th 2017
Winners will be announced on YouTube: October 31st 2017 (Halloween!!)

Submit Images:

Poster #2:
Poster #1:

There’s only one week left for you to submit your sinister creations for the Horror Movie Poster contest. In this episode, we pull out all the stops to inspire you to reveal the darkest corners of your creativity.

We based this week’s poster off of an image we discovered for the film THE EYE (2008, starring Jessica Alba). We know that it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a completely original idea and this can be a pretty huge obstacle to the creative process. If you find yourself in that situation, we recommend finding an image that inspires you and try to recreate the elements of the image that make it stand out. To recreate the poster for The Eye, we would need a subject, a window or pane of glass for our subject to look through, and a method to create a rain effect on the surface of the glass.


We begin by opening up the image of our subject in Adobe Camera Raw. We’ll be doing most of our adjustments in Photoshop, but the tools in Adobe Camera Raw are extremely helpful and will allow us to start with a strong foundation. After some minor adjustments to the color temperature, exposure, shadows, clarity, and vibrance, we’re ready to start the work in Photoshop.

There are some lighter areas along the edges and corners of the image that are a bit distracting. To remove them, create a Solid Color Adjustment Layer and fill it with black. Select the layer mask of your adjustment layer and invert it by hitting CTRL or CMD + I. Then, on the same layer mask, select the Brush Tool B and paint with white over the areas that you want to remove. We recommend using a low flow of about 20%.

To crop the image and adjust composition, use the Crop Tool C.




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