Make a flyer that makes your band look better than you sound | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to make a flyer for your band that looks as good as you sound using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Start from scratch, or download practice file [] for a head start. 

1. Open
2. Select the Text tool from the toolbar.
3. Highlight the words “Awesome Ballads” and replace them with new text (for example, “Slightly Dracula”).

Tip: Use the Selection tool to resize text boxes if necessary.

4. Using the Selection tool in the toolbar, shift-click to select several hands in the flyer.
5. Display the Swatches panel (Window – Swatches), and then click a swatch to change the color of the selected items.
6. Click New Swatch from the Swatches panel and use the sliders to create a new color. Then click OK.
7. Shift-click to select more hands and the band name text, and then click the new swatch to change the color.
8. Choose File – Save to save your project, and then print the flyers you need by choosing File – Print.

That’s it!

To learn more, visit our Illustrator Tutorials page:



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