Space, Planets & Sci-Fi Photoshop Tutorials by Blue Lightning TV

Links to awesome Photoshop tutorials by Blue Lightning TV showing how to create mind-blowing, space, planets and Sci-fi images!

1) Alien back-lit text:

2) Asteroid:

3) Space X:

4) Spirals surrounding planet:

5) Comet:

6) RoboCop:

7) Dawn over earth:

8) Eclipse with radial aura:

9) Eclipse with green text:

10) Exploding planet:

11) Frozen planet:

12) Hologram:

13) Jupiter:

14) Fantasy landscape:

15) Matrix:

16) Northern Lights:

17) Vintage UFO photo:

18) Explosion in space:

19) Nebula and planet:

20) Saturn:

21) Vintage Sci-fi movie poster:

22) Space Emblem:

23) Star Wars poster:

24) Radial star gate:

25) Stars, galaxies, planet:

26) Close-up of Sun:

27) Tron car:

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