How to Make Great Videos Part 2 | Fixing Common Video & Audio Issues

In this second episode of a 6-part series, Adobe Principal Evangelist Jason Levine explains how to fix commonly-encountered video and audio issues. Whether it’s correcting lens distortion from fisheye and wide-angle lenses, to stabilizing hand-held/shaky footage, to removing plosives and popping P’s in lav mic audio, applying color LUTs and using film-stock LUTs to smooth the ‘digital sharpness’ from Mavic Pro and other drone cameras, even doing basic sky replacement using HSL secondary color correction. It’s all here, step-by-step.

Find timestamped chapters below.

01:31 Create New Composition in After Effects
03:56 Fixing Camera Shake/Apply Warp Stabilizer VFX
07:30 Apply Camera-Shake Deblur
12:06 Fixing non-blurry Handheld Footage w/Warp Stabilizer VFX (+options)
13:51 Applying Lumetri Color to finish the look
16:30 Lens Correction for Drone Footage, Wide-angle/Fisheye lenses
20:48 After Effects / Dynamic Link into Premiere Pro
22:43 More on Stabilization (framing, cropping, rolling shutter)
29:15 Remove the ‘digital edginess’ from Mavic Pro footage with Lumetri LUTs
35:12 Sky replacement with HSL Secondary Color Correction
40:35 Removing Noise and Rumble from Indoor/Outdoor Audio with Essential Sound
47:10 Removing Popping P’s (plosives) with the Edit in Audition function from Premiere Pro

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