Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial: Dreamscape

In this photo manipulation Photoshop tutorial, I will create a surreal fantasy scene involving two landscapes, stock model, crows and a sign. We’ll be using adjustment layers, the dodge and burn tool to add shadows and highlights. After all of the stocks have been added I will add a gradient map, blend it in then hop into the camera raw filter settings. I will adjust some of the shadows and highlights to bring out some nice color effect. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found some use for it. I tried squishing nearly 1 hour of editing into 15 minutes of video. If you did find some use for this tutorial, please don’t forget to smash that like button. It helps very much! Thanks!


MODEL – Thank you for letting me use your stock.



ꜛThank you for letting me use your stock images.ꜛ

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