Photoshop Tutorial | ‘Water Head’ Manipulation

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THIS TUTORIAL !!!! i mean seriously this was a nightmare to record and edit this video. Original effect is not that difficult but for some reason i kept making mistakes during recording of this.

i had to record this 3 times and then almost entire day in editing, and if that wasn’t enough, my editing software crashed, so overall it was not very fun experience but i am kind of happy with the final out put of his photo effect.

It is very simple if you know basics of photoshop and can take some time if you are beginner, so overall not very tough to follow.

We will do stranded things like creating background, cutting out subject and adjustment layers.

But on the fun side we can put a cute dolphin in water, which is coming out of someones head, how flipping awesome is that, plus we will add boat to make effect even cooler, i will show a trick to replace head with water and lots of really fun stuff.

so i hope you like it and if you have any questions of suggestions, ask me in comments below, till then, good bye take care and have some fun with photoshop.


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