Photoshop Easter Eggs – Banana, Toast and Coffee

Photoshop tutorial showing you how to access 3 funny hidden Photoshop easter eggs.

0:49 The first photoshop easter egg that I will show you, allows you to put a banana in place of the toolbar editor button. This will totally freak out your friends, so make sure to try it on them when they step away from their computer! 🙂

1:41 The 2 other Photoshop easter eggs that we will look at in this video allow you to display toast and coffee on the color theme swatches.

These Photoshop easter eggs do not change the way any particular tool or feature behaves in photoshop. They are just meant to be funny little extra design elements found on the interface.

For the banana easter egg, you will need Photoshop CC. While the toast and coffee easter egg works with CS6 and newer.

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