How To Create Color Swatches From External Files In Photoshop – HTML, CSS, SVG, and JPGs

In this Photoshop tutorial, I am going to show you how to create color swatches from external files such as HTML, CSS, SVG, and JPG documents.

This video is going to be really helpful for designers who are working on projects that require the use of specific colors found in external files. The goal is to create a custom color swatch set that can be used when working on projects that require those specific colors.

In the first example, we will take a logo into Adobe Color CC so that the online app analyzes the colors and saves them into a CC library.

Then I’ll show you how to take an SVG file, and CSS file into Photoshop to create a color swatch set from the colors found within those files.

These first two examples require Photoshop CC. But the third example can be followed by anyone using older versions of Photoshop. We will use color tables to grab the color palette from any photograph and open that color table in the Swatches panel.

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How To Create Color Swatches From External Files In Photoshop

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