Photoshop Tutorial | Fire Portrait Manipulation | Photo Effects

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in this video i will show you how to create fire portrait effect using photoshop.

Main effect is based on blending option but that is just part of it. Actually most of work is using one single fire image and using is multiple times to create spectacular effect.

i will show you how you can create rim light in photoshop using hue-saturation and then adjustment layers to match color of portrait with fire.

and like every time i have shown the cut out process but if you already know how to do it then you skip it, its pretty boring. and i have also shown use of sparkles in photoshop to make fire little more realistic.

plus some grouping tricks to manage your layers and save some time, and its pretty useful effect, specially for posters and portrait editing.

Also i feel like no one actually reads my description so it kind of sucks but in case if you read this type “watermelon is best fruit in the world”


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